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Speaking Events

Hi, Helen here!

I am an Agile Coach with a passion for connecting people and their purpose. With over 15 years of experience across various industries in change projects. As a certified CSP-SM, PSM II, PSPO II, and Accredited Coach, I get the challenges that organisations and their teams face on a daily basis!

With a knack for facilitating discussions, resolving conflicts, and identifying anti-patterns, I thrive in fostering collaboration and supporting teams to get their spark back. My passion for coaching, mentoring and teaching extends across environments to inspire growth and development.

I am dedicated to nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and infusing fun, connection, curiosity, and autonomy into the work environment. I remain committed to my values and goals, promote cultural change, and foster strong relationships to drive success throughout the system.

Join me on my journey of empowerment and discovery as I continue to evolve and learn!

Looking for a speaker? Book me for your next meetup, conference, podcast, or town hall. 


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If the below does not tick all the boxes but you like where I am going, reach out. I would be happy to chat, brainstorm, and see if there is a way I can support your meetup, podcast, conference, or organisation.

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The Innovation Funnel - Driving Organisations and People to Think Differently

Innovation is the “newest” trend and the word on everybody's lips. But what does it mean to truly build an innovative organisation that enables people to think and do things differently?
Is it humanly possible to accept and experiment with all ideas, embrace everybody and discuss everything to build something?

I don’t have the answer to this, but I do have a model to share that helps connect the whole system to enable faster decisions, getting buy-in and putting ideas into practice.

The Innovation Funnels looks at both what we as employees need from the organisation and what the organistaion needs from their employees. This comes in 3 parts;

1. The time to think 2. Money
3. System

After this session, people will feel:

Inspired and able to do things differently and have a model to bring all parts of organisations together to challenge, grow, and deliver innovative ideas without a budget.


How to Create a Culture of Innovation

As agilists we are constantly in an environment of complex problem-solving and that can be overwhelming. 

In this talk, I share thoughts and ideas on how to problem-solve with purpose!

After this session, people will feel...

Brave to speak up about their ideas, bold to bring new ideas that are different to the table to help solve stale problems. 

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Boredom - A Secrete Sauce to Creativity

Organisations are obsessed with churning out new products and growing monetary value, which results in burnt-out people. I am on a mission to convince organisations to give their people the

time to get bored. Through that boredom comes creativity, innovation, and adept problem-solving.

Let’s move away from rushing and introduce one hour of boredom. This talk gives examples of how, as an Agile Coach, I help teams get bored to solve problems.

After this session, people will feel...

Inspired to be bold and have better conversations with their teams, management and leadership on slowing down to speed up. I will also share how boredom is part of our ability to grow and share three tools and techniques to introduce boredom to teams without them going to sleep!


Understanding and Aligning with Values for Enhanced Team Performance

Knowing and aligning with personal values empowers individuals to make confident decisions in various aspects of life, from daily choices to job interviews. By introspectively assessing their values, individuals can cultivate confidence and resilience, which is crucial for navigating challenges.

In team dynamics, shared values create a cohesive culture that influences decision-making, behaviour, and actions. Conducting value exercises fosters deeper team connections and enhances understanding of each other's perspectives.

Teams that embody their values engender trust among members and stakeholders, enabling smoother collaboration and decision-making. This alignment facilitates clear communication, swift decision-making, boundary-setting, and confidence-building within teams.

Ultimately, understanding and aligning with values catalyse positive transformations!


After this session, people will feel...

People will feel empowered. They will feel motivated to gain a deeper understanding of their values and how they align with those of their team. This newfound clarity will instil confidence in their decision-making abilities and help them see the benefits of building team values. They will feel inspired to put their values into action, fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and mutual support for one another.

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Value Chain - Agile People and the Planet

Value chain for good - When we think of planetary needs, we often go to the planet, what can we do to help planet Earth survive? Well, the planet without humans will do just fine! Front and centre are what we can do to help us survive and thrive on this planet whilst co-habiting with nature. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a good starting point, that is where I realised that as a volunteer for ‘Stop the Traffik’ charity, whose mission is to stop people trafficking globally, is actually part of the planetary needs to enable us as humans to thrive. In this talk, I will address how SDGs 1,3,11 and 13 tie in with reducing people trafficking, increasing agility and how we all can do our bit at home and work to help people survive as equals.


After this session, people will feel:

They will be able to actively take change into their own hands. They will be equipped with a FREE app, a practical tool to guide them and provide tips on how to navigate their value chain to reduce modern slavery with an Agile mindset.


Organisational Coaching - Not for the Faint-Hearted

Coaching is hugely misunderstood as a fluffy questioning method that gives no answers. I am on a mission to change this, as coaching, whether life coaching or agile coaching, is a powerful way to guide teams and individuals to get the best out of their professional and personal lives.

Socratic questions are one way, but it’s not the only way! There are hundreds if not thousands of models out there that support teams, groups and individuals to achieve their goals, change their processes and do better in living by their values.

I will share [x number - talk length dependent] tools and models with you from my agile coaching toolbox, cognitive behaviour coaching toolbox, and some combining both to get the most out of

your teams and the people that you work with. This will cover; conflict, stress, problem-solving, values, communication, procrastination, and system thinking ... to list a few.

If you want to change how coaching is received and perceived in your organisation and turn it into a powerful tool that grows sustainable change, then this talk is for you!


After this session, people will feel:

They understand that true coaching is a life-changing experience that helps you and your organisation grow into a self-coaching, continuous learning, and problem-solving machine! People will come out with between 3-6 tools and models to support them go from zero to hero!

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Green Farm
New Talk - Work in Progress!


Outdoor Coaching - The benefits and beyond

This talk is WiP at the moment, as I discover and experiment with coaching in the great outdoors. You can hear more about the topics here:

Need something different?


If the above does not tick all the boxes but you like where I am going, reach out. I would be happy to chat, brainstorm, and see if there is a way I can support your meetup, podcast, conference, or organisation.

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