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About Me.

With over 15 years of experience managing projects, I reached a turning point that inspired me to explore a better way of doing things. This led me to transition into team coaching in 2018 and now working with private one on one coaching clients.


My passion lies in supporting individuals in transforming from a state of uncertainty and doubt to one of confidence and renewed energy. I take great pride in helping my clients make the shift from "Can we/I?" to "We/I can!"


Through my own learning journey, I have become certified in several areas that have helped me become a more effective coach and empowered my clients to become the best version of themselves.


Executive Coaching
“Through our coaching sessions, Helen helped me focus on several key areas. She helped us define our organizational values and challenged personal growth for our employees as well as myself."  - CEO, Praxis Solutions, Aug 2022
Team Coaching
"It sounds cheesy, but Helen helps you uncover answers you already had through her coaching sessions.
She’s empathetic and listens well. She taught me to reframe obstacles so that they weren’t limiting and gave me tools to go from a state of overwhelm to having an actionable plan.
I'd thoroughly recommend coaching with Helen!" - Product Owner, The Economist, July 2022
Walking Coaching
“Walking coaching with Helen is a deep, moving, enlightening experience.
 Our calm, steady pace was conducive to thoughtful reflection and a reminder of the value of proceeding step by step. It was an experience that will stay with me for a long time and which I heartily recommend to anyone who has a chance to try it. I had insights which would have been very hard to have indoors.” - Private Coachee,  Jan 2023
Organisational Coaching
“One of the most beneficial aspects of Helen's coaching has been her guided questions that cause me to pause and reflect on a given situation. She can see the forest for the trees and helps plot a path through the confusion that leads me to discover a resolution. I've grown and benefitted personally and professionally from her input.” - Private Coachee, Oct 2022

Coaching Style

I am a firm believer that every individual possesses the best intentions, and sometimes, all it takes is a bit of nurturing to help them grow and become their best selves. As your coach, I approach our sessions with a genuine sense of curiosity and an unwavering commitment to supporting you in your journey from good to great.


Whether we connect for a walk or through a virtual platform, I meet you where you are and strive to understand your unique needs and circumstances. By asking thoughtful questions and actively listening to your responses, I help you towards discovering the best actions you can take to move forward.


My goal is to facilitate your growth and self-improvement by creating a safe and supportive space where you can explore your potential and unlock your full capabilities. Let's work together to create a path towards your success!

Areas of Specialties

  • Procrastination / Precrastion

  • Assertion & Communication 

  • Stress Management

  • Life Coaching

  • Executive / C-Suite

  • Productivity 

  • Wellbeing

Training & Certifications

  • Problem Focused Counselling, Coaching & Training

  • Psychological Coaching

  • Stress Management and Performance Coaching

  • Assertion & Communication Skills

Professional Body Memberships

  • Full Member of the Association of Project Management

  • Full Member of the Association of Coaching 

  • Member of Scrum Alliance

  • Member of the Institute of Leadership & Management


Clients have included leaders and teams from the below companies:


  • The Economist Group

  • Tilrey Pharmaceuticals

  • Entrepreneurs

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