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Does Outdoor Coaching mean we have to walk?

Not necessarily. With me, Outdoor Coaching revolves around immersing ourselves in or observing our natural environment.


Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast for whom exploring is second nature, or if you simply crave a momentary escape from screens by reconnecting with nature through sitting or gazing out the window, Outdoor Coaching holds benefits for you.


I'm nowhere near Devon. Does that mean you can't be a Coach?

Not at all. We have many options! Video calls outside, inside looking out a window, phone calls in the outdoors...if you have a specific requirement that's easier to talk through, book a 15-minute call to discuss. 


Where do you physicially Coach Outdoors?

East Devon is where I currently coach outdoors, should we physically explore the outdoors together. 

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Can I bring a 4-legged friend?

Absolutely! Well-behaved dogs/cats or other, are very welcome. Please note you are fully responsible for your pet on these walks, and should I observe it is distracting from our session, I will let you know, and it would be agreeable to stop bringing walking companions for us to continue coaching together. 

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