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We've heard back from our furry and unfurry friends ... 


Bonjour, mes amis! As a fluffy Bichon Frise with a zest for life, I must paws to share my delightful experience with Helen's dog walking service. This is a paw-some dog-sitting and walking service! Reliable, friendly and gives me ALL the attention I deserve!

GreenPaw Pathways knows how to pamper us Bichons, from leisurely strolls to cozy cuddle sessions. They treat me like royalty (as it should be), ensuring every moment on me and of course there are belly rubs galore.

Whether I'm prancing around like a little princess or enjoying some well-deserved nap time, GreenPaw Pathways caters to my every whim with love and care. It's like a doggy dream come true!

For all my fellow Bichons out there seeking a slice of canine paradise, look no fur-ther!  🐾

Dave & Gang

Helen gives the ultimate cuddles! Me and gang tried to run her ragged but she kept up until we were defeated! 

A fantastic service over Christmas when our Mum and Dad completely abandoned to spend time skiing in Austria! Thank you, Helen, you were Meowvallous!




When Helen came to my house, it was like a doggy dream come true!

Helen really gets us Labs. Mum and Dad said just to pop in and let me out, but she stayed for an hour throwing my donut and running like mad round my garden! It was hilarious. I had a blast chasing her around.


I was so pleased when she dropped by the next day too. When I need to go, I need to go, she made sure I had plenty of chances to take care of business.

Suki & Lola

We love Helen coming to play and stay! She is the ultimate fun one. We get so many cuddles and go for walks! Thank you, Helen; we hope you come to see us again soon!

"Suki and Helen are best friends. That's okay, as Helen often gives me time on the sofa when she sees me being grumpy. She has a good eye for us dogs, a connection that keeps us all aligned." - Lola


"I give Helen my Baby—she's the most important thing to me. I need to make sure that Lola knows who's the cutest of them all." - Suki



Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 17.17.08.png


I am a pug of few words. I like dry walks and a comfy place to lay my head. And that's what I got. Simple. Effective. Dog sitter. 

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