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Adventures with
Paws at Pace

It all started back in 2022, when neighbours needed help letting their dog out whilst at work, dog sitting while they were in hospital, or just simply not having the time to walk the dog on one of those days where everything comes all at once!

I love all animals, and I feel truly connected to them and nature. So that's why I have built up two parts of my business: coaching outdoors to help humans and dog/cat walking as a separate session to help our four-legged friends!


What makes me different is that I am a dog runner! I love running, 5-10k a day and I have paired this with my passion for animals! So if your dog (or cat) has more energy, then a run could be the option for them.

What you get:

  •  Animal First Aider

  • Fully Insured

  • Fast-paced walk or run for those energetic pets!

  • Lowered CO2 PawPrint

    • Eco-friendly Poop-bag-Pick-Up

    • Eco-friendly travel  - I cycle to you to leave the planet better

All dogs and cats receive:

  • A walk-talk-play

  • Returned towel-dried and refreshed from the open air! 

Owners receive:

  • Peace of mind to go out, knowing your pet is taken care of

  • Easy booking service so you don't have to stress about a thing after our Meet & Greet

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Location: Clyst Hydon, East Devon - covering the below areas:

Free 15 minute - Meet & Greet for New Customers

Existing Customers
If I've met your pet, then go ahead & book in your walkies!

Existing Customers - If I've met your pet, then go ahead & book in your walkies!

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